Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Here are a couple of home remedies thanks to First Magazine:

1. Heal a sore throat with lemon juice. If your throat is beginning to feel scratchy or it is already sore gargle with a bit of lemon juice mixed with water. The lemon's natural plant acids and vitamin C reduce swelling, speed healing of damaged tissues, and kill germs. Do this twice a day. (I have tried this one and got good results.)

2. Ease joint pain with sesame oil. Rub some oil in your palms to warm it up and massage it into achy areas in circular motions. Research shows that compounds in this oil slow the production of pain-triggering cytokines in the body and jump start healing of damaged tissues.

3. Cure indigestion with turmeric. Adding 1/2 teaspoon of this spice to foods like chicken, beef, rice, or fish can shut down bloating and stomach pains from indigestion in 45 minutes. It is said to increase the body's output of digestive enzymes. If you don't like the flavor of it in your food but still want it's benefits you can try what was done to me while living in Morocco. Once when I told my Moroccan mom that I had a belly ache she proceed to spoon feed me a teaspoon full of the stuff followed by a big glass of water. YUCK- yes, but it's worth a try and natural can be better than medicine.