Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Time Girl Scout

Several months ago God closed a door for me. That same day I decided to open a door and that door led me here. I wrote several months ago about working with the Girl Scouts.  I've worked part time with them, while working at Starbucks, since December. When I took that job I was greatly hoping it could turn into something full time in the future.

I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. In April I saw a full time job posting for the Jackson Girl Scout office and quickly applied. Some time went by but eventually I had an interview for the Retail Specialist/Administrative Assistant job. The interview went well and it helped I was interviewing with an organization I was already working for. Doing this job was going to be different from the fun I was having working with the girls, but I saw a wonderful chance to have a job with better benefits, higher pay, and more regular hours.

I knew I'd be great for the job and it would be a great opportunity for me. On May 10th I was offered the position and I got started here May 28th. I'm really enjoying the job so far and enjoying the hours and schedule.

What I am doing is running the Girl Scout Store in Jackson. We are located at 4403 Francis Street, across from the Summit Branch library. (Come see me!) The Girl Scout store sells official Girl Scout uniforms and badges plus fun stuff that helps bring in funding for girl programs. Sometimes the store isn't very busy so I will be doing some administrative tasks as I get more comfortable. I am also working the front desk so I have many questions to answer when people come in and call on the phone. People have so many things to ask and as I'm a still a Girl Scout newbie I do my best to answer them or direct them to someone who can.

My hours are about eight to five Monday through Friday. Usually I'm still working a bit after five. I worked my first two Saturdays because there were Girl Scout event taking place at two of our areas summer camps, which I helped with. I've been having fun meeting all the other people who work for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan and really like the people I work in my office with.

I can see a lot more possibilities in working with Girl Scouts both within different departments or in different councils across the US. But for right now I'm really enjoying the place I'm at and the job I'm in.