Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tractor Licence Earned

I'll add "driven a tractor" to list of random things I've done. The other day I went out to Richards Farm to spend some time outdoors. When I got there Don informed me we'd be cutting down an old, dead tree out in the pasture. And he asked me if I'd ever driven a tractor. Being intimidated by them in the past and seeing them as just a big vehicle that could easily plow into things, I was nervous but ready. Don is one of the most easy going people I've ever met, so if there was ever a time to learn, it was then.

He started up the 1975 Power King and let me hop into the drivers seat. He showed me the four gears and the clutch. Then walked away and told me to go. 

Letting the clutch out, nothing happened. I realized it popped into neutral while I wasn't looking so shifted it back to second gear and went. What do you know, it wasn't all that hard after all. I reached a top cruising speed of about two miles per hour! A regular speed demon.

We both drove tractors out to the pasture. One had a wagon on it where we were collecting the firewood from the tree and the other had a chipper. As Don worked on the tree with the chain saw I went around and picked up pieces of tree to be used as firewood and fed the smaller branches into the chipper. 

When is started to rain we decided to pack it in and loaded up all the wood we had so far. Don made me a country lunch of a cheese and mushroom omelet. He sent me on my way with some eggs for home.