Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tip Tuesday

These are a few excercise/life tips from a website called

Make your exercise entertaining and educational. 

Take it outside
If you find yourself getting bored with watching the seconds crawl by on machines in the gym, take your workout to the great outdoors.Walk a few laps around the park, run up and down a hill if there is one nearby. Not only will you be getting true exercise you will be enjoying fresh air, listening to birds and animals play, and feeling the freedom to be yourself. 

Make it social 
Working out with a friend can help the time go by much quicker. You can take a fitness class together if you are worried about going it alone. 

Make it a game
Kids get all of their exercise from playing sports and games, who says adults can't? Enjoy sports games with friends as a really fun way to get your workout.
Get smarter
Download podcast on subjects that interest you to listen to while you work out. It will make the time go by quicker when listening to an interesting subject and you'll learn something new along the way.And it could be some of the only time in your day that you are able to devote to something like this.

These can be some tips to help exercise seem less tedious. Good luck!