Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tip Tuesday

I don't watch the show The Doctors very often but I saw this tip there close to a year ago and have been using it since.  They taught about a natural way to boost your stamina and muscle strength during workouts. This method is safer for you than something like Creatine, and cheaper. The answer is beet root. It's just beets in a powered form, making it easy to get the amount of beet necessary to have its benefits. 

It is shown to increase stamina and give increased blood circulation. The nitrates that are in beet root are similar to the ones in Creatine and researchers have found nitrates enabled people to exercise up to 16% longer because of nitrates' ability to reduce oxygen uptake, making exercise less tiring. 

I have really noticed a different in my workouts since I have been using a beet root supplement. I find that my muscles feel stronger during a workout and they have developed better than if I hadn't been using it. 

You can also get beet root in juice form but again the capsules are easier, quicker, and cheaper to take. I haven't found beet root capsules in any store in Jackson but I have found very good prices for it from Puritian's Pride, an online vitamin supplement manufacture.  

To read a bit more about beet root and what it can do for you click here.