Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Save money on face wash. 
You don't really need to be using face wash in the morning unless you have something to wash off your face. Just water will do fine to freshen your face after sleep. It will  make your bottle of face wash last longer only using it once a day.It will also be better for your skin and less drying. 

Try using honey as a face wash! Yes really, try it. I am going to! Just take about a half of a teaspoon into your palm, warm it up a bit with your fingertips, rub it around on your face (after removing makeup). Honey is antimicrobial so it can remove any bacteria on your face. It is slightly drying so it can soak up any oil. It is very moisturizing. It will work with all skin types. You can leave it on for a bit as a facial mask for extra moisture. See where I got my information on Crunchy Betty