Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Alright folks, I am reviving Tip Tuesday. If you remember over a year ago I reserved Tuesdays for general tips about anything. I'm going to bring it back. No more Frugal Friday, but rather tips on anything. There are just too many things I want to share with you about health, wellness, conservation, and of course frugality. Look here for all my random tips. 

Today's tip is for healthier hair. I had been told about the no shampoo method by a girl I was in Peace Corps with, but they I just thought she was crazy. I started seeing more about it on my quest to find natural household products and found it's not really all that crazy. You don't actually not clean your hair with anything. Instead of store bought shampoo you use baking soda and water and for conditioner you use apple cider vinegar. 

I tried this for the first time yesterday, excited to see how well it would work and how nice it would make my hair. Plus even though I don't spend a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner, the thought of becoming less dependent on commercial products makes me happy too.

Day one went pretty well for the most part. I used a solution of baking soda and water in the shower to clean my hair. It didn't lather at all and I really just rubbed it around, trusting it was doing its cleaning. Then I used a mix of apple cider vinegar with water as conditioner. Left it on a bit and rinsed. 

Despite what you might think I didn't smell vinegar on my hair once it had dried a little. What I was left with was very soft, very clean hair, with seemingly no build-up on it. I did notice that since I hadn't used a waxy conditioner my hair was a little staticy when I combed it dry. If this keeps happening I might use a little product in it just to stop this or just run a dryer sheet over my hair! 

I don't wash my hair everyday so it will probably be easier for my hair to adjust to this method, but if you do you may notice a little difficulty in your hair getting used to this. It is easy to get over if you use this method for a couple of weeks. 

If nothing else I really do recommend doing an apple cider rinse once in a while on your hair. It really will clarify your hair and soften it. Here is a little more information on that.    I will update you on how my quest to go shampoo-less is going. Meanwhile here is where I got my information on it.