Friday, February 22, 2013

My Natural Ways

If you've been reading my blog lately you've probably noticed I've been talking a lot about making my own products out of natural things. For several weeks I've developed quite the focus on this. An obsession really. It's been an interesting focus and has been fun learning what new things I can do. 

One reason that I have started this is because, as many of you know, I'm frugal. I like save money in whatever way I can and my making my own products at a much cheaper price than commercial products, it makes me feel smart.  A second reason is that I enjoy trying to relive days of our pasts when we didn't have so many chemical products on the market. Only a few basic things that really have more uses than many people use them for today. A final reason is that when I use things that are natural, it makes me feel closer to the Earth, which is exactly how I want to feel. I want to see my life as a partnership with the Earth, living in a giving and taking and loving relationship. 

Little by little I try to make my life as natural as possible, by eating foods free of chemicals and the same with the products I use in my home and on my body. I'll review some of the steps I've made so far:

1. Natural all purpose cleaner. Mix white vinegar with water and add some lemon juice and/or orange peel to give a fresh citrus scent. I've used this on counter tops, sinks, toilet, and the bath tub. If I needed a little more scrubbing power I sprinkled some baking soda around and it cleaned up really well. 

2. No shampoo method. As you read a few weeks ago I started the no shampoo method. I use baking soda to clean my hair and apple cider vinegar to condition. I read that it can take your hair a while to get used to not being stripped of all it's oils so much. I have been experiencing this adjustment period and am hoping that  my hair does acclimate. The worst part about it has been that my hair has so much static due to the dry indoor heat and  not using any conditioner to weigh it down. I'm trying to stick it out, but I've compromised a bit. I am doing everything as the method says but started using a dab of store bought conditioner to I can at least keep my hair manageable.

3. I have experimented with some different things to clean and moisturize my face. I have been trying to do a honey mask once a day and have tried a couple of times using coconut oil to remove my make-up. I'm not sure if any of this is making me breakout, but I do know it softens my skin. 

4. My next natural adventure is to make my own solid body lotion bars. I have a simple recipe that uses beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.  I'll let you know how that one goes. 

I get all of my information online and there are tons of websites on these topic and lots of bloggers way more advanced in this stuff than I am. Here are some places I frequent.