Monday, January 21, 2013

Flight by Sherman Alexie

Flight by Sherman Alexie
This is the second book I've read by this Native American author and was just as happy with my second experience as my first. 
Flight is about a teenage guy, who goes by the self name of Zits, named for his unpleasant skin condition that he just can't get under control. 
Zits was orphaned at a young age and is now forced to live with dozens of different foster families, using stubbornness to keep people far from getting to know him.   
When he finds himself in some trouble he meets an unlikely friend who leads him to even thicker trouble. From this moment on he is on a journey of time travel, leading him far from any type of comfort zone, where he is able to see so much about his world through different eyes. 
Alexie is simple to read with his common dialogue and ability to make his characters quickly relatable.  Join Zits as he learns about others and himself through unlikely experiences.