Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bring Back the Past

I had a customer in Starbucks a week or so ago, a high school aged young man, who greeted me with the phrase "how do you do?" It's what I thought I heard and after a few seconds of letting it sink in, I actually asked him to confirm that he had actually said it. In fact he did. 
I told him how I thought it was odd because it's a phrase that I love that I wish would come back. If only for the sake of bringing back things from the past. I told him that if he vowed to keep using it, I would do it too and we'd bring it back together. It got me to thinking of other things from the past that I wish could be brought back. 
1. Keeping a monthly tab at your local grocery or drug store. 
2. The family owned corner pharmacy wish soda fountain.
3. Sending telegrams
4. Gathering around the radio to listen to mystery or comedy shows. 

What are some things from the past that you wish could come back? Leave your answers in my comments on this Facebook post!