Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Take What You Need

I got the the idea to make this by copying what one of my mom's co-workers did on the bulletin board in her office. I had never seen anything like it and was immediately intrigued by the concept. Not only to realize what you may need and admiring it, but simply taking it on a tiny piece of paper. 

I wanted to do this at Starbucks because I wanted to see what people would do with it. I usually work at the front register so it gives me a birds eye view of people's reaction to it. I put it up on a Saturday and when I came back to work a few days later a few of the pieces had been torn off. I was happy that people actually took to it! I did get to see one couple interestingly looking at it. 

Now, just about a week later, all that is left to take is hope.  I want to be a person that makes people feel good, because that makes me feel good. I want people to know I support them whether they are my best friend, my mother, or a perfect stranger. I do this because we all need support and we have to remember to take it from all the places we can find it.