Friday, December 7, 2012

Good Samaritans

Something that I have gotten to do at Starbucks is handout other peoples' nice gestures. Sometimes I get a customer in the drive-thru that says that they would like to pay for the car behind them. This happened two times on Black Friday, on a day known for spending money and fighting for the items you want, I got to witness others' doing nice things for each other. The beauty of the position I am in, is that other people are doing the nice deed, but I get to be the one to inform the person they are recieving this bit of kindness.

Doing something like this is extremely selfless. You don't know the person in the car behind you from Adam or Eve, and there is  no way for that person to thank you or give you any thing in return. I enjoy seeing the shock and happiness on someones face when I tell them their drink was payed for. In one instance a girl even bought a bag of coffee for a man because she wanted to pay for whatever he had. 

One of our regular customers decided the other night he wanted to "have some fun". He gave me $25 and said use this money until it's gone for the next people who come in. He didn't want me to use it for drive-thru customers because he appreciated the value of someone taking the time to come into our lobby and actually order a drink inside. He sat at the back table and wanted to remain unknown, telling me only to wish a merry Christmas to the people who recieved his kindness . Again his kindness, and cash resulted in me getting to be the one to maybe make someone's night.  Little things like this, like buying somebody's coffee, help to make our days more special.