Monday, December 10, 2012


Right up until the time I got a job at Starbucks and I got to move into my own little house I was looking for something big. I was looking to begin a career, start on my way to something successful

But when those things happened for me everything seemed to change for me.I thought I was looking for something big, but what I really needed was something small. Something simple. Many young people my age are blasted with the word "career" and get the feeling from those around them that you need to make a career a large focus of yours and make it into a large part of your life. But I'm no longer looking for a career. Right now I just work an honest job, getting some honest laughs, and having some honest interactions with the people I meet. I'm not sure I'm after much more than that. 

When I got back to the U.S. and failed at finding a full time job I started to fall into a plethora of odd jobs and experiences. As difficult as it has been over the past year having to keep track of where I need to be and when, in my variety of different money making endeavors I have found myself to be so fortunate to have had so many different experiences. I appreciate being able to know what it's like to teach in a kindergarten class all the way up to a 12th grade English class. I have more apprecation for people working in service jobs having been one myself at Starbucks. I enjoy having gained confidence I have gotten by leading people at Jacksonopolis. 

With all these experiences I am not trying to build a career, I'm simply trying to build a life. A life of interesting times, connections with a variety of people, and stories to think back on and smile.