Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year of Work

While in Peace Corps I had a lot of down time-a lot. As unproductive, lazy, and worthless I felt at times, for not feeling like I was doing enough, I tried to remember how hard I was going to work once I got back to the U.S. I knew that I would be having to begin a full time job for the first time in my life to pay off my debts and fully support myself. I tried to think of my time in Peace Corps as a break and used it to "rest". I surely did get rested. 

When I got back I knew I wanted to work. I wanted to work hard. I wanted to put hours in for the hours I spent not doing enough in the two years prior. But as most of you know finding a full time hasn't come easy to me. This doesn't mean I haven't worked. Even though I haven't put in a my nine to five, five days a week this year I still have worked pretty hard. And I've done it in a variety of ways. 

I've been:

-A substitute teacher
-A community manager for a start-up media website
-An English tutor
-A farmhand 
-A freelance article author 
-An art boutique clerk
-A babysitter 
-A server/receptionist/classroom assistant/dance shoe fitter for a non-profit art and dance school  
-A barista
-An outreach facilitator for the Girl Scouts (more to come)

I used to think it was crazy doing so many different things and trying to keep track of everyplace I needed to be. But the truth is I love the variety, it keeps me from getting bored with any one thing. I wrote before about the concept of a career. I'm not sure if I'll always be like this, however the way my life has played out this year really makes me enjoy the variety of experiences I get to have through work. I hope to keep this up. I do have a dream of working in a book store someday. With my track record I know anything's possible.