Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where I was 4 years ago tonight

Four years ago tonight was a glorious evening. One to keep in the record book of life. It's a day like today that I am reminded of it. 

I'm sure you all can assume it was the day that this nation elected it's first black president.  Something we needed and deserved for a long time. In 2008 I was in my last year as a journalism student at MSU. I lived off campus that year but decided to spend election night with other students on campus at the MSU Union. Election coverage was showing on a projection screen in the main room which was full of eager students, waiting to know our fate of the next four years. 

I spent it with my then roommate Leanne. As each state got declared red or blue we colored it in with crayon on our USA map, provided as a fun activity. Volunteers were coloring in a larger version of the same map as each state decided who they wanted as president. 

I remember mostly, looking at Leanne, late into the night, and saying the words "he's gonna win... isn't he?" when I began realizing it was true. Both of us having watery eyes, she said something to the effect of  "remember where you were the moment our country got a black president." I hope I will remember.

Months into the future I  impulsively skipped my classes at State and drove home to Jackson to watch the inauguration with my grandma and mom. It was a moment in history I knew I couldn't miss.