Friday, November 16, 2012

To Say or Not to Say

We are always taught "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Many people are good at this, keeping their own mental filter on and not saying something that would hurt someone's feelings. However, sometimes we keep ourselves from saying something, even when we do have something nice to say. How often have you thought something nice about a stranger and been afraid to say it? Maybe they'd think you are odd for approaching them, or maybe you just don't want to take the extra time to vocalize your thoughts.

This entry is to encourage you TO SAY. A couple weekends ago I went to the Jackson Percussion Concussion, which was an event at the Michigan Theater featuring local high school drumline's in competition, judged by the Piston's Drumline. The East Jackson High School Drumline put on a performance to remember, and I soon found out just how memorable it was. For Veteran's Day my parents and I had dinner at Olive Garden where they were serving free meals to veterans. When I was being taken to my table I thought I saw one of the drummers from the EJHS Drumline at a nearby table. I just continued on to mine. 

This young man helped put on a great performance. He is tall and stocky with shoulder length hair, that when he moved all around the stage, got blown around like a rock star. Many of the drumlines stood stiff with their drums, but this young man and his crew moved about the stage making the performance exciting and unpredictable. 

As our meal was being finished the boy and his family was still sitting at their table. I told my mom about him at that time and said out loud "I should go tell him how great I thought he was." In that moment I was thinking am I weird, it is rude to intrupt their dinner, it doesn't matter if I say something or not.  Well the truth is it did matter. I did get out of my chair and I did go over to that table. Turned out it was Zack's 18th birthday that day. And the entire family was grateful for my kindness in praising their son. He told me he is the captain, it makes perfect sense. You never know how a few moments of your kindness can affect a person in a positive way.