Monday, November 12, 2012

Starbucks People Watching

I love a lot of things about working at Starbucks, I'll just cover one of them right now. For as long as I can remember I have loved to people watch. I've enjoyed parking myself in a spot in a public place like a mall or even the Jackson County Fair in order to watch the commotion around me. Starbucks is a great place for this. 

What is so great is that now I can go beyond people watching. I can actually figure people out. As our regulars come in day by day I enjoy the game of getting to know a little bit more through my own interactions with them. Here is a random selection of a few of their stories:

Bill-Or as he was previously known "Bagel Bill". Recently he became just Bill because he decided to give up the daily multigrain bagel in the name of his figure. He orders a venti coffee with half decaf and half regular bold roast. He is a lawyer who usually spends at least an hour on his computer and his coffee in the cafe. 

Tom-A writer like myself, he spends his retired time in Starbucks early in the morning drinking a grande coffee and eating a multi-grain bagel with butter. He faithfully takes his wife's drink (an iced decaf venti americano) to her at her place of work once he is finished reading his paper. Often he will come back a second time and grace us with his presence in the afternoon. He is probably reading this right now, hi Tom!

Dan-A young guy who gets a triple venti caramel macchiato (a pricy drink) daily. Sometimes even twice a day! He always uses the phrase "and I thank you" when you return his gold Starbucks card. I always tell him I wish there was a "Dan" button on my computer screen to make typing in  his drink faster. There needs to be a whole page of regulars. 

Mary-She always gets a chai tea latte. She is one of the only people I sell the petite cherry pies to. When we don't have any, she doesn't seem upset, she says it just saves her the calories. 

Jim-This guy is my toughest mystery. He comes in usually at least once a day but it is always unpredictable. It can be either in the morning or late at night. He is extremely quiet and you can tell he likes to keep to himself. I have noticed no ring on his finger and I always wonder if he is going home to an empty house after he drinks his coffee. He is one case I just can't crack, so I'll just keep observing from afar.