Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The sound of life

Immediately after I saw the show Stomp in London last year I have had a different relationship with sound. It taught me to listen to the sounds that life produces.It showed me how much music, rhythm, and beauty of sound is always around you. 

Sound is something that I try to be aware of. It's amazing how much beauty you can experience through your ears if you just take the time and focus to listen. Last week I spent my Saturday evening at Cuppa where I was among great friends, enjoying open mic night, and a small pot luck. My story leads me to my friend's young two-year-old son, Jamison. He and his twin brother had been running around the coffee shop all night, but at one point he was kind enough to sit on my knee as we listened to the music together. Not only did the sound of a beautiful girl's voice fill the air but a smaller, seemingly less beautiful sound, lifted my spirit. His mother had brought him a small cup of potato chips and sitting there listening to the soft crunch he was making with his tiny teeth filled my heart with joy.