Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One outfit people

I really can't stand local radio morning show banter, but a couple weeks back the morning crew on K 105.3 went off on a tangent that I found interesting. The man mentioned how nice it might be if you could wear the same thing everyday. His female counterpart agreed and said how much quicker her morning routine would be. Then she began talking about some famous people who were known for wearing the same thing everyday. 

Here are some you might know. 

Albert Einstein-grey suit, no socks, unkept hair
Steve Jobs-blue jeans, black turtle neck, New Balance shoes
Mark Zuckerberg-grey t-shirt, jeans
Johnny Cash-all black

I find this worthy of a post because the idea of doing this really intrigues me. I do wish that fashion was nothing that we were forced to worry about and we just wore clothes that covered in the manner that is necessary for the time. Just as these men did, anyone could be a one outfit kind of person, there is really nothing stopping us. 

My outfit would be jeans and a soft v-neck t-shirt. For winter I'd turn that v-neck into a soft v-neck sweater. It's all we really need.