Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jacksonopolis Short Story Writing Contest

Several months ago I had the idea to have a writing contest for Jacksonopolis. We had kicked around the ideas of contests before and me, being the community manager of the writers, and being a lover of writing; I began advocating for a writing contest. 

The idea stuck in the back of my mind for a while and I recently began trying to think of specifics. I picked my three judges and began thinking about a theme and style of writing for the contest. One of my judges, a friend of mine from Jacksonopolis, suggested a start date of October 15th. This is exactly what I needed to get the motivation to get this done. That gave me just over two weeks to get my prizes in order, begin my marketing, and get everything square and set. 

I knew I wanted to give prizes of gift certificates to area businesses, to support those businesses and promote them, and to give my winners a nice night out. 

Having a two week deadline made it a bit stressful for me to get these sponsors, but it also gave me urgency for getting it completed. 

The contest began yesterday and will run through November 15th. Please stay tuned to my updates about this process, being my first in project creation and management. So far, it’s been a great time!
Also take a look at myself and Suzanne McClusky talking about the contest on this week in Jackson.