Friday, October 5, 2012

Heart lifted in October

I wrote a post three years ago this month about being broken hearted in October.  Now that October is upon us once again, I finally get to enjoy all it's glory.  Believe me I am. It seems that during any given moment, while driving around town, I am amazed by the trees all around me that appear to be on fire. When going on walks, as a child might, I am sure to walk through leaves gathered on the sidewalks, and to step on all the crunchy ones. 

It's scary movie month and I'm going to be viewing as many as I can. I'll be forced to watch them on my computer at this point, but I pay that no mind, scary is scary. I will be going to a haunted corn maze, house, or whatever else haunted people like to produce. 

I can't wait to get into a Halloween store to look at all the ridiculously over priced costumes, props, and decoration. No, I won't be buying my costume there, I'll be making it myself, but it's super fun to look. 

I need to buy pumpkins ASAP. Not only do I need to be decorating my porch with them, but I will be taking my Starbucks co-workers advice and making pumpkin cookies with sweet icing. I have a whole month of October blogging to do, so be on the lookout for my enthusiastic views this month. 
Here is something to get you started in the Halloween spirit.