Friday, October 19, 2012

Frugal Friday

 Sorry, sorry, sorry, it's back!

This is another tip straight from me. If you are into theatre and but aren't into paying for it, try spending about an hour of your time as a volunteer usher. 

My two good friends Stephanie and Del were in a production of Center Stage Jackson, which showed at Jackson Community College. Although $15 would have been well worth the price to support my friends, I jumped on the opportunity to see the show for free once Stephanie suggested it. 

I called the show's director and asked about ushering. We agreed on a show that I would be needed and I arrived a half hour before doors opened.  Once the house was open I simply stood in the back of the theatre handing out programs and let the patrons know that seating was general. One hour of volunteering saved me $15 dollars and I got to watch my friends perform. 

I know that this is the case for most all shows shown at JCC but can't be sure about any other venues. Visit the Potter Center's Website for show information and contact numbers.