Monday, October 8, 2012

26 thank-yous

To truly realize the grass is greener on your own side of the street it helps to never forget what you are thankful for. From time to time I like to make an effort to write down exactly what it is I am thankful for. I've decided to start a new tradition. For each year of my life I am going to think of that many things I am thankful for. 26 for now. 

1. My wonderful parents. 
2. A reliable car to drive.
3. A fun and interesting job. 
4. The opportunity to write. 
5.  A strong and able body. 
6. A large, loving family.
7. A safe home.
8. A loving relationship.
9. Incredible old friends. 
10. Glorious new friends. 
11. Interesting memories.
12. A free spirit. 
13. A good education.
14. Money in my savings account.
15. Dreams and goals.
16. Always having enough to eat.
17. Hot water.
18. My ballet class.
19. The kindness of strangers. 
20. Everyday challenges. 
21. A chance at life.
22. Music.
23. My Internet.
24. My lack of cable TV.
25. The ability to read.
26.  Sushi.

Readers-what are you thankful for?