Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving out, moving up!

After nine months of living back home with mom and dad I am finally able to have my own place again! As many of you have already read I have been wanting/needing this for a long time. Now that I have the job at Starbucks I am going to do what I have to, to make living on my own work. 

I was lucky enough to get this job at about the same time one of my uncle's rental houses became available.  At a family party someone mentioned it and firstly, I discounted the idea thinking that apartment living was the way I wanted to go. As I thought more I knew this option would be cheaper and would be a great situation, renting from family and all. I just needed a room mate to fill the second bedroom. I had remembered a friend of mine telling me she was still living with her parents back in December, she just so happens to be my uncle's niece by marriage. I got in touch with her and sure enough she was still holding it down at home, and also saw this as a perfect opportunity. 

I've been moving my things in for a few days now and I am just about all set. I am excited to spend my first night in my own house. I'm thrilled with the way the new paint and carpet turned out. I'm also very happy to pull some of my favorite things out of storage and let them be displayed again.  

As many of you have been reading about my post-Peace Corps journey you have read of my struggle to get myself balanced again, to get my life back in the order that I would prefer. Many people repeatedly told me that I would get it figured out and that I was just in a transition. I knew all this, but I always wished I could get it figured out sooner rather than later. After months of figuring I think I'm finally here, at least for now! :) I know everything happens for a reason and what you need will come along right when you need it. This is what has finally happened to me.