Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When I joined the Peace Corps nearly everything I did was a challenge. Before then, challenge scared me, but after I got used to it, and the feeling of accomplishment it ensued, I was hooked. 

Since I've come back to America I have had a hard time finding those similar challenges that allow me to feel a daily sense of accomplishment. Sure, when I was substitute teaching in all sorts of classrooms I had challenging moments, but many times once I got though my day I was just happy to have it over with. I have tried my hardest to seek out challenges in my life, such as joining the Grand River Environmental Action Team and working at McLaughlin Farm. My life has just thrown me a whole mess of new challenges. Bring em on.

Working at Starbucks has been just the challenge I have been looking for. Being forced to learn loads of new information quickly and putting that information into practice has definitely kept me on my toes. Each time I work, I feel like I master something new and become  more confident in my abilities. If it's not working the coffee brewer, it's running the espresso machine, or working with a line of coffee thirsty customers. I've grown so much already, only having worked three weeks. It has been such an amazing experience so far joining a supportive an fun team.

I also just got through the challenge of moving into a new home. As I noted before moving can be one of the worst situations, having to be confronted with all the stuff you own, how to pack it, and where to put it. When I started this process I was going through a mini crisis, but as I got closer to being done I could feel more strength within me, knowing it would all get put away somehow. Now here I am, coming up on one week in my new abode, and I can happily greet my little house everyday as I pull up it's driveway. I'm going to be very happy here.