Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chain of Events

I've always believed everything happens for a reason, but the more I live I also truly believe one thing leads to another. The above graphic is my illustration of exactly how I began working at Starbucks. I know that everything I've done has led up to everything I am doing and this just happens to be the perfect example. 

When you think about a chain of events like this it makes you realize exactly how everything you do has a purpose in your life. We've all seen movies or scenes in shows that replay events time and time again, just with one element removed or changed. You can choose to believe that things happen by accident or design, but the truth is you wouldn't end up with the results you have  if all things behind it hadn't been in place. 

This leaves me open to doing new things, because in addition to learning something new, I also always keep in mind what it could lead to. You never who who you are going to meet by going to a certain event or what is going to change for you by trying a new activity.  

Please leave comments about an interesting chain of events that happened in your life.