Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reliving the Civil War

I've always loved the Civil War Muster because anything that allows me to step into the past, I love! I have missed it for the past few years so I was very excited to go. Saturday afternoon I decided to ride my bike up to the Cascades Park just to sit around in the middle of the commotion. I took my book with the intention of sitting against a tree to read and take in the life of the Civil War Muster. 

I only got to read two pages when I spotted my Aunt Judy. Soon after, followed my cousins and uncle Vince. I immediately sprang to their side and was able to enjoy their company for the next few hours. We all loved going through the tents of recreated Civil War Era merchandise.  I knew I wanted to treat myself and I ended up buying a sterling silver, Celtic ring because I had been wanting one for a while. 

We continued to walk around picking up the standard bottle of root beer and kettle corn treats. I caught word that the dance was set to begin soon so we made our way to where it was to happen. We enjoyed our grassy seat and watched the reenacters, who are so passionate about reliving our past, as the spun their partners round and round.
 I later met up with a few friends and paraded them through the camp areas as we got to see the true living conditions of Civil War soldiers. I saw the old time saloon lit up and wished I could walk thorough the double swinging doors. I wasn't sure how they felt about plain clothed observers so I decided against it. We finished the night with a modern cup of fries as a late dinner with a side of fried pickles. Oh how we take our modern conveniences for granted. That is just the reason we must continue to love things like the Civil War Muster to allow ourselves a peak into the past when things may not have come so easy.