Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Fair Memory

Ever since I was a young girl the Jackson County Fair has felt like a second Christmas to me. From the times when I was taken by mom and dad to the times I hung out there with friends, the fair fills me with great excitement. 

 The night before the fair was to open my aunt Marylynn would drive me by in her car in order to scope out which rides were present that year. The lights and the sounds always prepared me even more for  the good time I knew was to come. 

When it came time to experience the fair I remember riding in the car and as we became closer and closer my excitement level would rise. We would always park what seemed like miles away wait in the line that seemed hours long. I would have to beg my parents to ride the big rides with me. (The beauty of being an only child)

As I got older I was allowed to go to the fair with a group of friends. I remember always planning a perfect outfit. One that was cute enough to socialize with boys in but also one that would keep me warm once the sun went down. My friends and I always had a blast on the rides and running into even more people we knew.  

I love the fair for several reasons:
  1. I love people and I love to watch what they do. People watching doesn't get much better than the Jackson County Fair.
  2. There are few events in this town to get really excited over this, to me, is one of them.
  3. I enjoy looking at the displays, mostly the photography. This year I've entered three photos!
  4. The food, obviously. Two years ago I had a deep fried Snickers and my life has never been the same. I can't wait to get myself another.  
Courtesy of Google Images