Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Job Search Update

I finally have some good news. I got myself a job at Starbucks coffee shop in Jackson. A friend of mine's boyfriend has been working at Starbucks for a couple of years and when hearing of my job industry wows, encouraged me to apply. After he put in a good word for me,  I was able to get an interview. Over the period of a couple weeks I went on two interviews, waited, hoped, and finally got asked to work with them.

I'm honestly very excited. I've always loved coffee shops and have often seen myself working in one. I have wanted to get coffee preparing experience because any place you go there will be a job for you. I absolutely love people and this is going to be an amazing opportunity to interact with lots of people every time I work.

Josh, who hired me, said he couldn't make any guarantees about how many hours I could get right away but he was estimating high 20s to low 30s per week. At Starbucks 32 hours is considered full time and if working 20 hours per week, after a 90 day waiting period, you are eligible for health benefits. This is going to be a tremendous help for me.

The hourly wage in this job may not be the best so to earn enough money to live on my own I am sure I will have to secure a second job. I am still waiting to hear back from the Dahlem Conservancy, with whom I have applied for a part time job as a marketing and communications specialist. This is another job would be very excited about. It would only be around 13 hours per week, most of which can be done from home or remotely. This way I could continue to do what I love, write and communicate, and have another job that will help me pay my bills. 

I feel like I am not alone in my feat of finding a hard time doing what I love. So many young people these days are doing whatever they can to make their own way, to forge their own path. When having this conversation with a friend a while back, we both could agree that you have to make sacrifices to do what you love. 

I know I am on a path. A strong and an interesting one. This is just one more card that I can pick up along the way on the path to who knows what.