Thursday, July 12, 2012

Job Search Update

Just about two weeks ago I had a wonderful interview with United Way of Jackson County. It was for an entry level job, but it's one that would be a great start for me getting into nonprofit work. It is also a great position for me to network because I would be working with many other nonprofits in the area as well as national ones. 

I really want this job. I need it badly. It's now getting close to a year that I have been looking for full time work. As so many of my peers know it is very tough out there. I'm very good at staying positive but it's easy to get discouraged. When you try so hard for months and months you just pray for a break. This is the break I am hoping for. 

My interview went very well and from my perspective I nailed it.  However, it's difficult for me to tell how the other six job candidates did in their interviews. I was told it would be a few weeks before I would hear anything so I'm just doing my best to be patient. It's a great time right now because the summer is wonderful and there is so much going on. I'm also doing my best just to enjoy that. 

I want this job because I am so passionate about volunteering. I believe you can do anything you want and get any type of experience you desire through volunteer work. It becoming addicting over time and for me it turns into a way to learn new skills and meet new people.