Friday, June 8, 2012

Job search update

Due in part to this blog and my first job search post I got a job. A small one. A temporary one. But a job. Currently I am working 11 hours per week at Hazelle M. in Art 634 in downtown Jackson. It's a small art, jewelry, and unique gift boutique. I am working for a wonderful woman named Suzanne. My duties are to man the store, make sales, and update boutique's website, blog, and send out email blasts. I also got this job due in part to the director of the the Jackson School of the Arts, Kim, who recommended me to Suzanne. I occasionally work for the JSA when they are in need of some extra hands. I have done everything from serve food at the Fairy Festival to help pose tiny dancers for recital photos.

I am also still plugging along at Jacksonopolis and loving it. Still working as the community manager for the writers I have been keeping in touch with our writers helping them to create feature articles for the website. I have taken it upon myself to start editing the articles for publish, wanting to get more experience with it. I've been so fortunate to be a part of Jacksonopolis because my experience, opinion, and expertise is valued there. If I got nothing else than a boost in confidence in my ability from working this job, I'd be happy.

Luckily I have some savings (thank you Peace Corps) so I can continue to pay my bills while I am not making much money. But I know how quickly savings can be eaten away. I'm still plugging along on the job search. Day by day.