Monday, June 4, 2012

Destination 90s

The first day I was turned loose to explore San Francisco to my every whim I knew my first stop needed to be a jump into the past of any 90s child.

I had looked up the location of the famous Full House picturesque Victorian while I was still in Michigan. The address is clearly posted on several blogs and California travel websites. Even though the house we all see in many of the opening scenes of Full House, the Tanner's actually never crossed that threshold.

1709 Broderick St. was only used for the outside view all the rest was filmed at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. But this iconic piece of 90s memorabilia was something I was determined to seek out. I took the Bay Area Rapid Transit train (BART) from about 17 miles away in the east bay. I got off at the Civic Center stop and began making my way to see where the Tanner family, at least we all thought, lived. My smart phone GPS is like a golden ticket. Wherever I want to go, it will tell me the way with ease. As I knew I was getting closer I could feel the butterflies start to fly in my gut, knowing I was close to finding what I set out to find.

I had arrived. The girls bedroom window protruding out from the top left of the house like it always had. Sadly the recognizable red door was not the same, but none the less it was a happy sight.

The view on the show

My view
San Francisco is known for these tall, skinny houses, who's stairways go straight up from the sidewalk. If the Tanner's were going to live in San Francisco, they were going to live in one of these. They are very expensive, but I'm sure Danny could have pulled it off, being the host of Wake Up San Francisco and all.

The morning that I knew I was going out on this journey I had also remembered that one of my favorite 90s comedies was filmed in San Francisco as well. Mrs. Doubtfire. It's unlikely that Daniel Hillard, an unemployed voice over artist would live in this expensive of a house, but Hollywood's got to make it perfect.

Mrs. Doubtfire's house