Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Job search

I finally realized that I have not been blogging about one of the most significant events going on in my life right now, my search for a full time job. With so many other young professionals like me looking for work I feel I should be sharing my experiences in this endeavour.

I really have been searching for full time work for about eight months now. I began applying for jobs while still in Morocco. I applied for about 12-15 total and I heard back from only one. That one opportunity crashed and burned on me.

Once I got settled back into life in America and began substitute teaching and working for Jacksonopolis I stopped looking so hard for full time jobs. I figured I should just ride out the job that was working well for me while I could.

Now here I am, only a few weeks from the end of the school year, at the end of this job's rope. Yes, I could substitute teach next school year, but subbing is not a career, especially not one for me. It has given me a wealth of experience and I am thankful for that.

I am working on getting a job at the Jackson YMCA summer day camp. I feel this will buy me some more time to look for full time, long term jobs, while still earning money and being able to live at home. I have an interview at the end of this week.

Meanwhile I am still applying for full time positions. Since beginning this process I have applied for probably 40-50 total. I am still jobless. The issues I am running into are my lack of professional experience and the fact that I am having a hard time finding entry level positions. Believe me it is anything but a confidence boost reading job description after job description asking for 3-5 years experience in any given thing. I have a lot of experience, it's just not the experience that is going to get people coming to me for interviews.

Members of my generation are being made to do more for less and having to stay one step ahead of the competition to earn a decent living. With so many people with bachelors degrees, one doesn't guarantee a person a job anymore.

Filling out job applications is tedious and writing cover letters gets old. I don't like this business of applying for jobs. However, I want a place of my own, a nicer car, a more built up savings, benefits, and the chance to save more money for travel. I know it just takes perseverance to wait for lightening to strike.