Friday, May 11, 2012


To piggy back of my last entry about not taking anything too seriously I want to talk to you about my heroes. To me humor, especially humor in everyday situations, is what makes life bearable. Those who use the brand of humor keep me going.

Lucille Ball one of the queens of comedy keeps me entertained time and time again with her brilliant show I Love Lucy. I watch her in the morning when I am getting ready for the day. I watch her when I need to relax.

Take a look at this scene. Little Ricky has just been given a drum because Ricky thinks he's going to be a drummer. The little tyke only knows one beat and he practices it house on end. But his parents try their best to live with it. 

Ellen Degeneres reminds me so much of Lucy with her physical humor. I love her because she finds so much funny in the everyday. It's impossible for me not to feel better when I watch her. Ellen is known for her love of frightening people on her show. This is a look at some of the few attempts for her staff to scare her back.