Monday, April 16, 2012


GREAT was not that great, but somewhat great. GREAT stands for the Grand River Environmental Action Team. I learned about it from a fellow Jacksonopolis writer. When I checked out their website I found out they were having an event the following week so I quickly expressed my interest via email.

GREAT organizes river clean-ups and monthly outdoor canoe and kayak trips to encourage environmental awareness. You can participate in two canoe/kayak trips before having to become a member, at a low cost.

I emailed to reserve a kayak for the river trip that would be taking place nearby. The morning started with heavy rain and hopes for it to clear up were not realized. The large group was set and ready to be off on the mile long river ride, but Mother Nature won over us. I was really bummed but not all was lost.

I met a few women there who I had a lot in common with. They could appreciate me for being an independent woman going out doing something on my own. I hope to be in touch with them soon. As for GREATs next kayak trip, I hope to be on it.