Monday, March 26, 2012

Sugaring and Shearing

When I was young I always loved going to Ella Sharp Park for the Sugaring and Shearing Festival. I have missed it the past two year due to living in Morocco, but today I very happily went to the festival with my parents.

I enjoy this festival so much because Ella Sharp park is one of my favorite places in Jackson. I love the park and I love the museum because I love this history that is there. I enjoy going through the old school house, cabin, general store, and farm house to be able to step into the past, if only for a couple hours.

I watched a few sheep get their summer hair cuts and learned how maple syrup is made. Maple syrup candy is one of my favorite things so I bought some in the general store along with some maple tea and genuine maple syrup. In a world where so much of the food we eat is not what it used to be I enjoy eating something I know is real.

I got to watch a sheep dog demonstration. It was really amazing watching the dog round the sheep and seeing them realize exactly what they should be doing and where they should go. I do love watching dogs work, doing something that they are bred to do and that they love.
 It was such a beautiful sunny day and a perfect 60 degree temperature made it ideal for enjoying the outdoors. My stamp of approval couldn't be better for this day.