Thursday, March 29, 2012

Item #75 week 10

After 10 wonderful weeks working towards my goal I've finally made it. Coming in at a cool  48 inches, my first ever afghan is finished. Grandma Sarah would be proud, I wish she could see it.

It's not free of mistakes, excuse me, character. But it sure is warm, it's unique and it's all mine. There's nothing like being able to cross off something on my life list. Ticking away my completed goals.
Item 75, Xed off!
Will I knit another afghan? Not in the near future. For now I'm going to stick to some projects that are shorter. But knitting another one is always an option for me, knowing I did it once before.

Please enjoy my new blanket's first photo shoot.

 I really do love this blanket. It's soft, very warm, and is just the right size!