Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The good

Too often we focus more on the bad things rather than the good. Why do we do that? Do we like to wallow in our own self pity? Are negative emotions just that much stronger than positive ones? Negative emotions tend to leave scars no matter how big or small.

My life is by no means bad nor is anything in it but I have a few things going on that I find frustrating. I seem to let certain negative emotions outweigh the good. And just as a general rule, we shouldn't do that. Even if more bad things happen to us in a day we should choose to remember the few good things.

Use the good things as a fuel to keep you up. The other day as I was monitoring the first floor of Jackson High School a student walked by and in a sly, smooth sort way said "you look nice today." My first thought was that is was inappropriate for a student to say that to a teacher but then I chose to see it as one person giving another person a compliment. There's nothing wrong with that. It made me smile.

Today as I was working out at Planet Fitness a woman came up to me and told me how good I looked. She was giving me a genuine compliment about the work that I put into my body. Now it just so happens these two good things had to do with my looks and I don't need these things to make me feel good, I just need some kind of connection to make me feel good. Connecting with a person to make them or myself laugh, make them happy, or just to give them something good to remember at the end of the day.