Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I got a credit card and ended up in Louisville

I joined the ranks of credit holding citizens yesterday. I guess I learned the hard way and got the card out of sheer need. So here I am with my new black CP Federal Credit Union Visa, a $500 line of credit, in the great city of Louisville, KY.

So no I did not just end up here, I planned it. But my plan almost got thrown off course. I had been wanting to come down to Louisville for a while, over a year to be exact, and I just picked a weekend and planned all else around it. My only trouble is that I drive a 19-year-old car. I'm lucky to have a car and I'm not complaining, but my dad and I could both agree, that car might not make it.

I decided to get a rental. I found a great rate at Enterprise so on the morning of my departure I was all set and optimistic to go. I can't believe I let myself get into this pickle again but I was reminded of the fact that you can't rent a rental car with only a debit card the moment I was ready to embark in my journey. I needed two of three pieces of evidence that you could pay for the car if it was in an accident and I only had the possibility of getting one of them. So I quickly was realizing I was screwed to the max and my ride had just left. So what do I do, I call my dad.

I got back over to his shop and we thought about different ways we could make this work. Several plans were thought up and all led to either more expensive options or ones that were dead ends. My dad simply threw out the idea of seeing how long it would take CP Federal to get me a credit card. Enterprise wanted a credit card and I was going to get them one.

I found out I could be approved for one in as little as 30 minutes, so this was perfect. My dad and I had been talking about getting one for me to start establishing some good credit, but I kept putting it off on account of me thinking credit cards are the devil. Now I had a situation that forced me to get it, so I did.

I'm happy I got it, because I knew I needed to. But that's not the real story. The real story is that I'm in Louisville, or should I say Louavul. I think I've been here long enough to say that.

I'm here visiting an old friend of my aunt's. Elaine is incredibly nice and hospitable and is taking superb care of me. For starters she took me to a restaurant overlooking the Ohio River. It was really beautiful at night. Then we went to 4th Street Live, a local hotspot for bars and restaurants and when I passed the Makers Mark Bourbon House and Lounge I mentioned loving Makers so we immediately went in. We both had a drink, bourbon of course.

Stay tuned for more about my trip to Louisville.