Sunday, January 15, 2012

A tiny day

Tiny chairs and tiny tables. Tiny carpet squares and tiny crayons. No, I didn't watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids, I was a sub in a kindergarten class.

Friday I was knee deep in knee high people. I thought the students at Parkside were mini, but this band of bitty little ones put a new definition of mini in my mind.

I spent the whole day tying and re-tying shoes, putting kids back in their seats, answering to the endless calling of Miss Cash, and enjoying watching five-year-olds learn how to write their name.

I find the learning process fascinating. Whether you are one, five, 16, or 52. The way the human mind figures something out then is able to do it over and over again has me so interested. In the kindergarten class I got to watch kids learn just at the start of their education, learning something so small, but that will stay with them forever.

Some of the kids are so cute you really want to scoop them up and take them home with you. I wonder if their parents would miss them? I promise I'd take good care of them! Others know how to challenge an adult and push as far as they possibly can, earning all the consequences along the way.

What I find beautiful about this subbing job right now is the ability to try so many different new things. One day I get to learn about science, the next I'm brushing up on basic math skills, or another I am corralling adorable little children. The other beauty is that it is temporary. I'm like that cool aunt who can always leave you to your parents when you are getting out of control. Then I'm on to the next student who I can talk to, listen to, and learn from.