Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The life of an RPCV

I've been a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer for just over two months now. Most of you have been reading about how my life has been since returning home but please allow me to give you the most precise and current update. Read on...

I've been substitute teaching now for nearly a month. I have enjoyed every experience in every classroom I have had up to this point. I feel lucky to be able to be getting a wide variety of different experiences each time I work. I have been asked if I have interest in becoming a teacher full time. Well, I'm sure about two things. I love teaching on this temporary basis and I know I wouldn't want to be a teacher full time. I don't have a teaching certificate or a degree in education. Obtaining one is not what I want to spend my time and money on right now. I'm thankful that I am able to be in the classroom from time to time without having those things.

As most of you know my purpose in life is to write. You know that or else you wouldn't be reading my blog right now! My ultimate career goal is to work in a job where my writing is showcased and I can use the power of my voice and pen to elevate those voices not normally heard.

That being said I also have another goal right now. Freedom from debt. I joined the ranks of debt paying citizens as soon as the ink was dried on my final Peace Corps description of service. On November 11th, 2011 my loan deferment was over. So each month I am served with a hefty payment due to my fantastic MSU education.

My upcoming debt used to scare me. However, now I just view myself as another one of the responsible adults paying her dues. I'm not so scared as I am optimistic and prepared. Prepared to face my student debt head on and continue down the road to being free of it.

I need a full time job to do this quicker. As most of you may know my vision was not to stay in Jackson, Michigan for more than a few months after returning from Morocco. However I never expected to make the connections I have made in the past two months or to have gotten into so many positive activities this quickly. My hope right now is to stick around for a while if I can find a full time job. I've been exploring many avenues over the past month to make this happen.

I have always been determined to squeeze all the life out of very new city I live in and the city I live in just happens to be Jackson. I feel that the Jackson I am living in now is a new city than when I left it. So I am determined to find any little place to explore or to help.

I am finding that the opportunities being presented to me in Jackson are unique to this city and I can't imagine having to leave them now. In addition to working as a substitute teacher I am tutoring an 8th grader in English, volunteering to collect backpacks for Jackson's homeless, and taking the chance to learn and grow through my work with (more to come on that soon!)

My life is full and that means this blog is full. I've been pleased to see the traffic on it pick up recently. If you are a new reader to Cash's Corner, welcome! Thank you for reading and thanks for sticking with me!