Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Laugh Company

Last night I attended a performance by the young local comedy troupe, The Laugh Company. Being my second time seeing one of their shows I decided to bring along my mom, aunt, and aunt's friend. I'm glad I did because they quickly became fast fans.

The crowd was small but quaint at eight o'clock at the Jackson Comedy Club. It didn't take long for loud bursts of laughter to come from this adoring crowd. Less than half way though the night my mom told me her cheeks were sore from laughing.

A five dollar entry fee gets you two full hours of improv comedy that is a little bit different with every audience in every show. The five members work their hardest to make sure all audience members have a good time and laugh their butts off.

I'm not sure if my butt actually came off this time, but I did laugh really hard.

If you are looking for something new and different to do in Jackson (we all need a little something different in our lives) you should be sure to attend the Laugh Company's next gig at the Jackson Comedy Club on February 17th. The troupe will be performing every 3rd Friday of the month there.