Saturday, January 14, 2012

Item #75

So you want to knit an afghan?

Maybe you don't, but I do.

My grandma Sarah was my knitting instructor all my life and never have I made anything more challenging than a dish cloth. Big Sarah would always turn out these amazing projects, including afghans, which just seems to appear into being. I remember a little bit of her actually working on projects but I guess I never quite realized the time and perseverance it took her to make something great.

So item #75 of my life list is to take the plunge and knit my own afghan. I'm starting out slow, keeping it to a smaller lap blanket and a very simple pattern. I just want to finish it and to have something to look at that I know I put hard work and time into.

Yesterday I bought 15 packs of pink yard and the right needles to get this blanket off the ground. I casted on my 125 stitches today and now I'll be well on my way to some work.

1/13/12 images: