Monday, January 2, 2012

Item #63

I realized a little something about dreams last night. They don't always have to be perfect.

I decided to cross off item #63 on my life list last night. Go to the dance club that I see in my fantasies.

If you know me at all you know that I love trance and dance music. When I listen to it I like to think of a club scene (minus the E) with laser lights behind the dj and people dancing on multiple levels.
Kinda like this

Last night I went to a New Years Eve party at Detroit's Filmore Theater. I had never spent a new years in such a big party. Seeing as 2011 was the best year of my life I thought I ought to celebrate it in a big way.

I got to check that item off because as I stood there in the thick of it all and realized that while I didn't quite expect this would be night to cross this item off everything, about it was close enough what I had been waiting for.

Maybe there wasn't a three level dance floor, and Tiesto wasn't the dj, but there was a green laser like the one pictured above and the atmosphere gave me the feeling that I had been wishing for.

I thought that if I kept on waiting for this perfect dream to play out I may never get it. Dreams are what you make them. You make your own rules about what makes your dream and what doesn't.
Michelle, Alex, and another Alex
The Filmore marquee

Fire twirlers with the Detroit Circus

Chad and I on the "red carpet"

 Happy 2012!