Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I saw a flier at the Pickle Barrel in downtown Jackson last week while waiting for a friend to arrive for lunch. It was a flier from a woman named Tamara asking for donations for Jackson's homeless of backpacks filled with any toiletry items. I took down her number because I knew I had a backpack I wasn't using.

I was able to fill it with some sample sized toiletries and just today took it over to her house. I had no idea what to expect and I sure was in for a surprise.

Turns out Tamera is handicapped. She must move around with the help of a cane or wheelchair. And at age 53 she is a mother to at least four or five young foster children who were running around her home. She has also raised five adopted children who are now grown.

She knew she wanted to help Jackson's homeless and seeing as her mobility is limited this is what she thought to do. Collect donated "survival kits" to give to those people who have been dealt a few bad hands in life. My bag was the 5th she'd received.

I'm asking any of my wonderful friends in the Jackson community who find themselves in a similar situation as me, in a position to give a backpack with supplies, to please get in touch with me via email at cashalexandra@gmail. I can either give you Tamara's information or I can get the donation from you and take it there myself. This woman wants to help people and I want to help her do it. 

If you can't give a bag just give some toiletries. Or just give a bag with no toiletries. Items needed are things like:

-Feminine hygiene products
-Toothbrushes and toothpaste
-Razors and shaving cream
-Or any other items that you and I may take for granted to keep ourselves clean

Homelessness is all our problem. And if we just sit back and pretend like it doesn't exist it will never go away. Who knows perhaps a simple donation of a razor and shaving cream could help someone look presentable enough to get them self a job and the later get a home.

Please contact me with anything you would be willing to do.