Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot water

One thing, among many, that I am loving about being home is hot water.

In Morocco I had a shower. Many volunteers like me, or Moroccans for that matter were not so lucky. To have a shower make sense I also had a hot water heater. It didn't work that well. It was just a small unit that, by the heat of an open flame, heated water as it went though the machine. It was powered by gas. I had to change the gas tank monthly and sometimes had surprisingly cold moments when the tank decided to run out.

This hot water heater almost always malfunctioned. Sometimes I couldn't get it to come through to my shower. Most of the time I spend the entire shower temperature regulating. I had only two temperature choices: scalding hot and freezing. For some reason it just didn't create the perfect mix of hot and cold.

On many cold, cold days and nights I dreamed of the free flowing hot water showers in America. Now those dreams are a reality once again.

My showers are usually quick anymore. A swift wash of the hair, a conditioning treatment, a body rinse and I'm good to go. But over the past couple weeks I have been hanging out under the hot water just to warm me all the way through. I have a lot of cold showers to make up for.