Friday, December 9, 2011

Fast times

The reason that my postings have been so sparse is also a story in itself.

Coming back home is as hard to do as it is easy. You jump right back into things as if they were on hold while you were gone. That part is easy. The warm showers, the wide variety of foods, and the central heating.

What's not so easy is adjusting to a life so opposite than the one you were just living for two years. As much as I wanted to use this time to rest I feel like I've barely rested at all. That is why my blog has been so bare, I've been so busy trying to reestablish myself in America. It sure is a change getting used to a faster pace of life compared to the one I was living.

Between trying to get the Moroccan bread weight off, figuring out my own health insurance, and trying to put myself out there for jobs I've got my work cut out for me.

Last week I had my first job interview. In short I crashed and burned. It was an interview with a small alternative newspaper in Lansing. By the end of the interview the editor was willing to put me out there for a test run where I covered an Occupy Lansing meeting. I was confident and collected and loved every minute of it. When it was time for the editor to read the my short story about it he wasn't impressed. He called me inexperienced.

That is what I will be dealing with right now. Instead of going out and getting job experience I went out and got world experience. I know it will pay off and I know it is worth it. I just have to get employers to believe that too.

But in better news I am loving being able to jump in my car and go where ever I want whenever I want. I love going out to get coffee and sitting in a cafe without being stared at. In short I love my freedom.

Just like it was a process getting set up in Morocco I will be making the same process back here in the US.