Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas to me

Christmas to me is not now. It's in the past.

The best Christmas moments are not happening right now, they already happened. And year after year the Christmas's of today will become the Christmas's of the past.

Christmas to me is Kevin McCallister singing White Christmas in the mirror of his parents bathroom, using a comb as a mic.

It's Ralphie finally realizing his dream of owning a Red Rider BB Gun is finally happening.

George Baily finally realizing that his world would be chaos if he were never born.

The flawless voice belonging to Judy Garland wishing us a merry little Christmas.

This year nostalgia is my favorite gift.

The traditions keep rolling with the giving of new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

It's a traditional Christmas Eve champagne toast. 

Traditions are different from home to home, town to town, and country to country. But we all have them and they are all ours.

I'm home for Christmas, and this year it's not in my dreams.