Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A weighted issue part II (from America)

You may have read a post of mine back in June where I am complaining about my weight. If not you can read it by clicking here.

This issue has come back around in full swing now that I am in New York City, one of the shopping capitols of the world.

I walked to SoHo yesterday and I had three mere goals. Buy a dress for the night before Thanksgiving festivities, some new Victoria Secret underware, and a new pair of jeans. My plan was simple. I found the H & M I was looking for and was quickly like a kid in a candy store. It didn't take much to please me. Nearly everything I saw I thought was beautiful. I picked a few dresses that were a little different style than I originally envisioned myself wearing and took them to the fitting room.

Naively I grabbed three of them in size two and one, just in case, in size four. When I got in the dressing room putting on the size two dress was like trying to squeeze a five-year-old's glove on an adult size hand. Some of the dresses made new shapes on my body that they were never intended to make. I was quickly defeated by the size two dress and then not shortly after by the size four.

Feeling sad and frustrated I had no choice but to get dressed and leave the store having not met my goal. As an added bonus to my moral as I was trying to squeeze back into my pants my fat thighs busted the zipper sending a crucial piece off into the unknown. Nothing like kicking me when I'm down. I walked around with an open fly the rest of the day.

This wasn't the best first shopping experience back in the USA. As I went farthur into my journey I came across another H & M not more than 2 blocks away. (Yes this is New York) I decided I would get off the naive train and grab a six this time. Presto I found my new size. The six fit great and finally I felt better.

The rest of the shopping trip continued that way. I got a great deal at Victoria's Secret. It was the last day of a special promotion. And I got myself a decent pair of inexpensive jeans at Old Navy. I knew I didn't want to spend much on them because I had to buy a size four. And of plan to lose a little weight works, they won't fit me for too long.