Monday, November 28, 2011

Washington D.C.

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It's nice to be back to this blog, as it has been far too long. Now that I have some time to actually be sitting at a computer for more than a few minutes I will let you back into my life.

I have a lot to say but I won't bog you all down with all this at once. I'll give it to you in installments as I always do.

I took a Megabus for just $1 down to Washington D.C.from New York because it was just so simple and cheap. It was a nice four and half hour ride on a comfortable bus. I added this journey to my plans to reconnect with my three college best friends. Jacqui, Dawn, and Leanne.

Our first night in D.C. we went to the National Mall after dark to see the monuments lit up in their brilliant lights. There is nothing better  than coming home to the country I missed so much than to walk fondly through the monuments of the great people that built this nation.
Myself, Dawn, and Jacqui in front of the Washington Monument
We went on a short tour of the White House east wing. Each room was tended by a member of the Secret Service who had interesting information about each room. Most of them had a sense of humor that I wouldn't have expected by the suit wearing protectors of the President. Most of the tour guides we encountered in Washington D.C. were interested to know where each tour group member was from. I liked this and it helped make me feel unity with the other members of the room.
Jacqui, Leanne, myself, and Dawn outside the White House
 The following day we went to the U.S. Capitol building. This tour was both beautiful and intriguing. Our tour guide was hilarious in her own way and full of interesting facts about this grand and gorgeous building. What I loved the most were the statues dedicated to the many people that made our country what it was. People dressed in many different ways, men and women alike. I noted to Dawn, who had also recently traveled through Europe, that I so much enjoyed seeing statues of Americans, of people dressed in the American way.
Myself and Dawn outside the U.S. Capitol
We ended our college reunion by going to a drag show at a local D.C. gay bar. It took me a lot to get up and get out but I was incredibly glad I did. The four drag queens that rotated their acts and entertained us to the tunes of TLC, Tina Turner, and Katy Perry. It looked like everyone around me was having a fantastic time.
Myself, Jacqui, Dawn, and Leanne enjoying the drag queens  
The trip was short but full and fun. It added to my exhaustion but also added to my experiences and I'm so glad to be free to flow where ever the road may go.